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Raleigh’s Digital Marketing Agency

We are a full-service digital marketing agency serving the Raleigh area with customized solutions using a proven, scalable process that produces real, measurable results.

Our mission is to build and improve the relationships between our clients and the consumers who trust them.

We set out on this journey for one reason—to implement the best creative marketing strategies that help people find products and services that improve their daily lives.

Agency Philosophy

Our digital marketing agency has been constructed around the unique design of a hexagon. The hexagon is a naturally-occurring shape in the world—one found in the workplace of nature’s most efficient worker, the honeybee.

Our hard work and relentless pursuit of unique communication solutions calls to mind the qualities of a honeybee and is symbolically represented by the hexagon.

A hexagon is the most efficient shape for filling a space with the least amount of material used. It is representative of a structure that wastes neither space or energy. In working with us, you'll soon find why we have adopted the six-sided shape as our own.

The six principles of TAP's hexagon:

  1. Communication- Open conversation throughout every project stage to form a true client partnership.
  2. Balance- Meet the expectations of the client by delivering on both wants and needs.
  3. Integration- Combine cutting-edge tools with a tried-and-true strategy to achieve a remarkable sales boost.
  4. Truth- Remain transparent in all procedures and deliver a product that meets and exceeds predetermined goals.
  5. Dependability- Maintain reliable procedures that produce a consistent, high-quality level of work for every client.
  6. Efficiency- Waste no time or resource in providing the client with an exceptionally unique and valuable product.
  • Digital Marketing Agency Approach

Customized Digital Marketing Solutions

It is common for digital marketing agencies to offer pre-designed solutions for common challenges. TAP employs a methodology that is above all else:

  • Time-tested
  • Flexible
  • Scalable to your exact needs

We realize how quickly digital marketing can change, so we emphasize flexibility in everything we do.

Businesses that thrive on inbound marketing require a special kind of digital marketing agency, one that shares their principles and delivers solutions that scale with them. We understand and practice this in every project we complete.

TAP’s Focus

We work from the dual viewpoint of your customer and your bottom line. All processes we go through are designed from a business perspective in order to maximize your return on investment.

To sum it up, we are the digital marketing agency that will:

  • Research your market and competitors
  • Turn your digital footprint into a valuable asset
  • Boost customer engagement and conversion
  • Position and promote your brand to rise above the competition

Contact us today to see how you can tap into your digital marketing potential.

Operations Manager
Operations Manager
Charlotte Myers

Charlotte is TAP Agency’s Operations Manager. Coming from an agency background, she has experience in multiple areas of the digital marketing industry, including: account coordination, project management, operations, and recruiting. She provides internal support to ensure the success of our team and in turn, our clients. Charlotte graduated from East Carolina University in 2014 with a B.S. in Communication.

In her free time you can find Charlotte at the gym, hanging out at her favorite local coffee shop, or experimenting with new homemade pasta recipes.

Fun Fact- She once ran into Guy Fieri at the Duomo in Florence, Italy.

Creative Strategist
AJ Stallings

AJ is TAP Agency’s Creative Strategist. A natural entrepreneur who started his first business at age 15, AJ eventually found his calling in design. He now leads TAP’s art direction and branding, bringing together all creative facets of internal and client projects. His extensive creative background includes work for Wrangler, Saucony, Hanes, and GSK. AJ graduated from East Carolina University with a B.F.A. in Design.

When he’s not producing graphics and digital art, AJ can be found biking across one of North Carolina’s fine nature trails or drinking a quality cup of coffee.

Fun fact- AJ plays piano, guitar, and is the fiddler in a bluegrass band.

Creative Strategist
Digital Content Strategist
Digital Content Strategist
Griffin Miller

Griffin is TAP Agency’s Digital Content Strategist. A background in writing led him to the marketing world where he demonstrated an ability to engage consumers with original, insightful content. Griffin has worked with clients in the medical device, professional services, and retail industries; he is now TAP’s lead writer of digital content. Griffin graduated from Western Michigan University in 2014 with a B.A. in Creative Writing.

When he’s not turning letters into words, Griffin can be found jogging with one of his German Shorthaired Pointers or watching Chicago White Sox baseball.

Fun fact- Griffin speaks some German and hopes to travel to Bavaria one day.

Digital Strategist
Michael Panuthos

Michael is TAP Agency’s Digital Specialist. Born in Brooklyn, NY, Michael relocated to Raleigh in 2012. Michael began his professional career in B2C sales, where his evolving skill set brought him to the Internet marketing realm where he has spent the last eight years developing innovative solutions within the digital agency arena. He now leads our SEO, social media marketing, and PPC campaigns, and contributes to site development.

When he’s not digging through analytics and code, Michael can be found teaching chess, sketching portraits, and practicing photography.

Fun fact- Michael went to the same high school as Alec Baldwin and Jerry Seinfeld.

Digital Strategist