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Raleigh’s Source for Brand Creation & Promotion

As a branding creation agency and full-service digital marketing firm in Raleigh, TAP knows what it takes for businesses to stand out. Our experience in brand creation and promotion has molded our strategy into one of creative determination: your vision becomes our mission.  

We’ll research your brand, define a strategy, and build an experience as we work together to develop a truly original identity for your company. Once we agree on a brand experience, we will activate and collaborate on it regularly. We hope to build a partnership that results in confident and continuous brand promotion.

Our brand creation and promotion services include:

Brand Strategy

As partners, we will build a plan for the continuous development of a brand that accomplishes specific, long-term goals.

Your brand is more than what your website looks like; it is how you sound, how your customers perceive you, and the way you go about your business.

Maintaining an impactful brand is a matter of:

  • Clearly defining business strategy and identifying your ideal market position.
  • Mapping the path between your company, its brand, and the most profitable target audience.
  • Establishing communication pathways between you and your consumers that feed actionable analytics reports.

Brand Expression

Developing the mediums through which your brand is expressed can be as impactful as the content itself. In fact, the best way to stand out amongst competitors is with a style and delivery of design and messaging that elevates the platform.

For instance, if your industry has historically operated by an inform-and-serve model with limited frills, exploring video advertising or social media may be a way to make a splash. It's important to us to not only build your brand, but express it in a way that stays true to your business. We accomplish this by:

  • Outlining a universal brand personality that unites all aspects of your digital display.
  • Displaying your designs with content and processes that create a consistent, branded voice.
  • Workshopping the new identity to gain tangible insight on the impact of the brand.
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Customer Insight

Your brand message is designed to appeal to your customer’s most urgent needs and interests.

To gain valuable insights, we’ll create personalized touchpoints and written content from a customer-centric perspective. We will clearly define their:

  • Tone
  • Purpose
  • Target audience

When used in conjunction with powerful research and analytics tools, we will position you to learn exactly what your customer responds to and how you can adjust to best meet their needs.

Evolving Your Brand

A brand alignment project from an experienced branding company may be the answer for those that have been in the market for some time. TAP can help your business, should any of the following questions affect you:

  1. Has your visual identity been lost through time?
  2. Is your market position/share unclear?
  3. Have you lost the interest of former customers and/or under satisfied customers?
  4. Do you require an outside expert’s opinion, free from internal bias?
  5. Could you benefit from a visual roadmap, detailing where your company fits in future markets?
  6. Would you like to unify customers and employees alike with one consistent language and identity?