Digital Advertising Services in Raleigh

Digital advertising has changed significantly over the last few years and most marketers have responded with ad campaigns that go beyond pure banner ad creation services. A hybrid approach to display that covers all types of digital ads, including native ads and banner ads is now the most effective strategy.

TAP’s digital advertising capabilities include retargeting techniques that can be used to drop your ad in front of users who have visited your site in the past. This is a useful method of re-engaging potential customers as they browse elsewhere on the web.

Our clients in the Raleigh area have benefitted greatly from paid search campaigns that all include digital placements with a concentration on social media display ad integration.

Native Ads 

Native ads are image and text-based advertisements that appear in the style and format of the medium they appear in. It is common to see native ads on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. TAP’s digital advertising services take advantage of this growing trend with effective native display ads. Typically, native advertisements:

  • Are more visually appealing and engaging than traditional display advertisements
  • Complement other marketing efforts and platforms, including social media
  • Carry more credibility and authority than traditional banner ads

When done properly, native advertising is an effective part of any marketer’s display advertising services strategy. When executed improperly, native ads can confuse users and result in mis-clicks. TAP’s paid search analysts have the experience to effectively design and display native ads.


Banner Ads

Banner ads are the traditional form of display advertising, seen as self-contained image and text ads that appear along the banner of a web page. Used as a means of generating traffic and new leads, banner ads are:

  • More “disruptive” to the user’s browsing session, pulling their attention away from the page and to your ad
  • Interchangeable and quickly edited to fit the platform they are displayed on
  • Best suited for traditionally structured websites

TAP offers banner ad creation services that are well-researched and designed for your target consumer. When done properly, banner advertising is a time-tested digital marketing tactic and worthwhile for your business.

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Customized Digital Advertising Services

Every digital advertising campaign should look and sound unique, as well as elicit a positive reaction from current and potential customers. TAP approaches display paid search from a customer-focused perspective, where display ads are an extension of brand and an accountable method of generating revenue. The advertisements we partner on and display will be:

  • Design-conscious– Your ads must maintain the aesthetic of your brand and be easily identified
  • Simplified– Users are more likely to respond to ads that can be read and understood in just a few seconds
  • Technically sound– Formats, file sizes, and website context all impact the effectiveness of your digital ads

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