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Raleigh’s Paid Search Marketing Agency

TAP’s paid search marketing services are investment-conscious, transparent, and results-driven. We believe an intelligently managed PPC campaign is a necessary and useful part of any marketing campaign.

Search engine algorithms are constantly evolving, as is consumer intent. Staying on top of paid search marketing is a matter of conducting taut research and listening to the analytics. Our method stays true to this policy, no matter the size of your investment.

What is Paid Search?

Paid search marketing is the text-based advertising of your company and its products within the sponsored listings portion of a search engine results page or partner site. You invest in this advertising by paying every time a user clicks on your ad (PPC-pay per click).

Paid search is most effective when conducted by a specialist with knowledge of SEO, audience targeting, and analytics research. TAP’s experience in running paid search campaigns is extensive—for over ten years, we’ve been learning and perfecting proper execution.

Why Paid Search?

  1. Paid search marketing guarantees your name and brand will be put in front of eyes. For new companies or companies without much of a digital presence, search engine exposure is the first step to generating new business.
  2. PPC complements your other marketing tactics, including SEO. Customers often research a product or company several times before making a purchase. Having your name appear in both paid and organic listings gives your brand relevance.
  3. You can target as broad an audience as you like, across: interests, demographics, and location. Have your eyes on a very specific kind of customer? You can use PPC to advertise where only they might search.
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TAP’s Paid Search Services

We will work with you to plan and manage your paid ads, in order to maximize your budget and ensure success. The PPC advertisements we partner on will always include:

  1. Product/service features– Effective PPC ads quickly tell potential customers what is unique about your business and/or a specific product
  2. Qualifying phrases– Using specific language that improves the chances of only qualified leads clicking your ads
  3. Calls-to-action– Leading your customer along the path to conversion with messaging that is direct yet helpful

Protecting your investment is our priority—delivering ample ROI is our purpose. Contact us today to see how we can make PPC work for your Raleigh area business!