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Search Engine Optimization Services in Raleigh

Today’s digital marketplace calls for search engine optimization services that are constantly fine-tuned and persistently exercised.

Google’s algorithms are decidedly intelligent—for sites to be rewarded with a high SERP listing, they must offer valuable content to the reader without blatant keyword stuffing.

Our skilled team of SEO technicians will educate you on how search engines evolve and how best to achieve high rankings. You’ll find that in working with TAP, you’ll not only reap the benefits of a quality content plan, but also experience first-hand the ins and outs of SEO best practices.

Search Marketing

TAP’s search engine optimization services take an analytical approach to your specific search marketing needs. This begins with research of:

  • Keywords- the research tools we use provide data on what keywords are being searched in highest volume, how they’re phrased, and what will be the best strategy for implementing them into your website.
  • Competitors- a thorough evaluation of competing SEO is the first step toward an original strategy that stands out and connects with customers.
  • Industry trends- we must study all facets of the vertical you work in to understand how we can put you ahead of the curve.
  • Customer personas- mapping keyword research to ideal customers will put us on a path to converting your most sought after audiences.

Mobile SEO

Google has reported that more searches are made on mobile devices than desktops. Search engine optimization services must account for this trend, as we generate content around responsive web designs.

Best practices in mobile SEO include:

  • Quick page speed
  • Inclusion of Schema structured data
  • Optimization for local search

We have superior knowledge in how to effectively leverage mobile SEO. When used in conjunction with a thoroughly developed mobile content marketing strategy, our mobile SEO services will boost your site's authority and customer interactions. 

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SEO Strategy

TAP’s SEO services include a strategy phase that works within the guidelines of the latest search algorithms to produce authority for our clients. With the likelihood of a click and conversion falling drastically after the first few results on a search engine results page, our priority is on raising you up to where your customer will first look.

Our SEO research and implementation process includes:

  • Keyword mapping
  • Persona targeting
  • Lead generation insights
  • Technical SEO maintenance

Lead Generation SEO

An effective SEO strategy should put you in a position to generate quality leads. We take a business-first approach to SEO and strategically build out content that will actively engage potential customers. Your digital outreach will be lean and intelligently targeted.

SEO generates leads by:

  • Putting your content in front of qualified leads
  • Presenting your services to potential customers at varied stages of their buying process
  • Improving your site's credibility with a higher ranking

Local SEO

Developing local search means gaining access to your closest customer base—which tends to convert quickly. Google reports that 50% of users who search locally visit a store within a day. More impressive, 18% of local searches lead to purchases.

Our search engine optimization services function on a local level first, and expand from there. We begin your local SEO campaign with the creation of business listings and city-targeted content.

To put TAP’s extensive search engine optimization services and expertise to use, contact us today!