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Social media marketing is one of today’s most popular and least expensive tactics for generating new business and extending brand. For businesses of varied sizes and industries, social media is a tool that should be utilized in accordance with need and target demographics in mind.

TAP’s social experts can develop the right content strategy and distribution plan for your business as you explore new outlets and grow customer interaction. We take an ROI-based approach to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms.

Our social media marketing services turn shareable content into monetary returns.

Benefits of Social Media

A well-strategized and monitored social media presence presents businesses in the Raleigh area with many benefits:

  • Greater brand awareness- social media marketing gives your brand relevance and exposure by dropping it into the laps of your customers at times when they’re most likely to connect.
  • Valuable insight- getting to know your audience is a matter of exploring what else they’re following, commenting on, and providing feedback for. Familiarizing yourself with their interests will point you in the right direction.
  • Lead generation- interesting, educational content will be shared, delivering you new leads. Potential customers who are captivated by your messaging will click through and convert.

A custom approach to digital marketing is always the best policy; in no arena is this more true than in social media. Therein lies the beauty of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so many others—completely personalized content that is absolutely free to publish.

 Small Business Social Media Marketing

Small businesses are especially reliant on personalized social plans that inexpensively generate new leads, organic web traffic, and customer feedback.

TAP’s social media marketing services boil down to:

  1. Persona mapping- understanding your audience and creating original content tailored to their interests.
  2. Content scheduling/distribution- organizing a well-strategized content plan and delivering it for predictable engagement.
  3. Reputation management- managing customer feedback by adopting their language to improve communication and build brand loyalty.

We realize how unique the Raleigh professional community is. Our experts will work with your business to understand its local and regional target audience and deliver social media marketing that serves a purpose. Contact us today to begin growing your brand and generating new leads using social media!