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The focus of our web design services is on building responsive websites that deliver conversions for professional services and retail companies in the Raleigh area.

The websites we design are dynamic tools that display a whole lot more than clever aesthetic (though striking is what we aim for). We’ll utilize either WordPress or Drupal to build a site that best supports your evolving needs in a scalable, user-friendly fashion.

Your website is the centerpiece of all digital marketing tactics. It is important to remember that not only does an effective web design improve your customer’s experience, it also serves as a means for collecting valuable insights that will inform future marketing strategies. TAP takes a research-based business approach to all web design services.

Responsive Web Design

The prevalence of mobile browsing demands responsive web design that deliver a polished user experience and easily identified call-to-action.

The mobile tap is an integral part of who we are, so much so that we built an agency around it! Web design using a mobile-first approach is what we do and who we are—the end product leaves users with the following:

  • User-friendly navigation- Conversion isn’t possible with a website that gets in its own way. Our web design is streamlined and navigable.
  • Uniform experiences- Users should be able to recognize a website and have a consistent navigation experience while using a device of any screen size. 
  • Speedy loading- The advantage of a responsive website is its versatility and instant accessibility. Quick load times complement the content.

Conversion-based Web Design

When a feature-intensive web design interferes with simple navigation and fails to quickly serves a user’s needs, the website as a whole fails.

TAP Agency takes a direct approach to web design—our sites serve as natural pathways between a customer and conversion, using as much or as little advanced design attributes as needed. Designing around conversion calls for attention to:

  • Simplicity in design- Users are more likely to bounce from your site and never convert if they are immediately overwhelmed or confused by the site’s content layout.
  • Past user experiences- People tend to look in certain places on a page for contact icons and purchase buttons. Placing these incorrectly will drop conversions.
  • Imagery- Statistically, a page is more likely to hold someone’s attention if it contains image content that they can identify with. Strategic image selection can boost conversion.
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Inbound Conversion and Lead Generation

Lead generation is achievable with a website that is designed diligently with attention to detail. Add-ons and widgets like contact forms and phone numbers included in the most concentrated “heat zones” on your pages will increase the likelihood that new leads flood in. We have mastered the “research-and-implement” method that makes this a verifiable process. Per the client’s needs, this may include:

  • Newsletter sign-up- A direct call to begin building the customer relationship.
  • Blog platform- Builds credibility for your company as an opinion leader.
  • Social media integration- Incorporation of social media icons provides relevance and familiarity.

Customized Web Design

When our clients stand out, so do we—innovation is at the core of our reasoning. At TAP Agency, the vision we build together is never fully realized until we create something truly original. When that includes a new website, we believe an impactful design will open the door to exceeded expectations. This calls for consideration of:

  • A stunning visual display that coordinates with branded colors, images, and logo
  • Well-formatted content that is easy for users to consume and share
  • Structure that appeals to search engines and improves your site’s ranking

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